Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Looks:Long Last-Eye Opening Makeup

I recently purchased some new MAC products and wanted to test them out for myself. I am definitely in love with what I purchased which was the new Pro Longwear Concealer and the Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation. It lasts for 15 hours and after trying it out, it works! I never had to reapply or worry that I would be losing its wonderful coverage throughout the day. Ladies, its definitely a must have for the holiday parties coming up!

I am addicted to blending, especially when it comes to my eyes. However, I wanted to create the appearance of a larger lid for the holidays so I applied Painterly followed by Jigs and Jives on my lid. Next I applied the Blue Brown shadow on my crease higher than where I would originally apply it. This gives the eye an open effect while still adding depth. I followed by blending the Blue Brown shadow up into my brow bone. The trick is not connecting or rounding out the darker shadow on the outer corner of the eye but putting it farther out away from the corner of your eye.

Face: MAC PRO Longwear Concealer and foundation
Eyes:  MAC Painterly Paint Pot,  MAC Jigs and Jives and Blue Brown Pigments
Cheeks: NARS Super Orgasm
Lips: MAC Lip gloss in C-Thru


  1. i love this eye look! I think you'll have to try it on me ;)

  2. so fairy-like...I love the shading on the lids.

    what blush do you use?

  3. Rose, for sure!

    Diya, thanks! I use NARS super orgasm; its my favorite! We still need to plan a shoot soon :)