Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The beginning

This is my first adventure into blogging and I am excited about sharing my interests such as art, food, traveling and in essence my journey.

I took part of this quote "art is life and life is art...but the question is which one came first?" from Lady Gaga and made it my own because she is amazing and inspirational to those who are different. I changed it to ...Art is Life and My Life is Art... because its reflective of me as a person and to the story of my life.

There is a sense of freedom from the world that I feel when I have my paint brush in hand. I have the ability to create something to release the inner me and not worry about what others think. It is a freedom that has allowed me to grow as a person. I have found my "happy place" where I can be creative and comfortable in my own element.

As an oil painter I have learned that if something goes wrong and my painting is not coming together as planned I can always wipe the slate clean and start over with a fresh coat of paint. There is always a way to fix an oil painting and the beauty of it all is that it may take layers and layers of paint to get your painting to look right but those layers make it a masterpiece. Each layer is representative of a lesson and a step towards the ultimate goal. This is a reflection of my life....

Though everything I paint may not be right, though I may not know what the next step is, it is my canvas and I can only paint it one stroke at a time and in the end it will be my masterpiece. <3