Monday, November 22, 2010

Animal Instincts

I am in love with a local boutique called Dog and Pony near the drag; this past weekend I stopped by and did a mini photo shoot with Rose, Vinh, and Jonathan (our photographer).  While shooting, I made a fabulous purchase of gold snake skin earrings; make sure to look for them in the photos!

Makeup: 5 Smokey Pigments Mac Holiday set. I used the Naked all over the eyes, Jigs & Jive in the crease as well as Blue Brown to darken and create the smokey look. For my lips, I used Jigs & Jive with a clear lip gloss which is why I love pigments because they can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks, and even as nail polish ladies!!!

Dog and Pony Leopard Dress with an amazing back!

Dog and Pony Over-sized Jungle Button Up
My Loves
 Dog and Pony Snake Skin Earrings
Dog and Pony Wedged Combat Boots: I finally pulled them off!!!
This last one was a spontaneous picture taken on a wall near South Congress. Spontaneous shots are by far my favorite because the picture always comes out amazing!
A big THANK YOU to Star for letting us use her boutique for the photo shoot and to Jonathan who capture amazing pictures! <3


  1. These are great shots! I totally need you to do my makeup sometime...

    Are you going to the Dog&Pony happy hour next week??


  2. Fabulous! I adore that last shot! P.S. We JUST did an engagement shoot on South Congress this morning.

  3. Thanks loves!!!

    Laurel- Let me know and we can schedule something! I am going to try to make it to Dog and Pony after a makeup appointment that I already have scheduled :)

  4. ohh, I love this dress & you're so gorgeous! <3

  5. Laura, I love your pictures! You look amazing!

  6. gorgeous!love the outfits! you are just amazing! Haven't been to the store but I've heard so many good things!