Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Looks: Smokey, Glittery, Glamorous

Some of you might be thinking why is she wearing a pretty summer shirt in the middle of winter and why is this called Holiday Looks when it doesn't look wintery at all, well in Texas, winter comes and goes and this past weekend felt more like spring reaching temperatures in the 70s. As much as I want to bring out my winter coats and boots it just will have to wait until mother nature decides to bring Texas a "cold front." The weather, however, made for a perfect Saturday afternoon at the park. The pictures were taken at Houston's water wall near the galleria. 
Face: Mac Pro Long Wear foundation and concealer
Eyes: Carbon Mac Eye Shadow and Blackened Red glitter, Clinique Gold Rush Eye Shadow
Cheeks: NARS Super Orgasm
Lips: Love Forever Mac Pro Long Wear


  1. I used to hang out at this wall all the time in high school! You look ever beautiful. I think I'd be afraid to hang out with you and Rose as I'd feel ever... ugly. Hahah :)

  2. i lived in houston for 4 years about 8 minutes from this wall and never actually stopped to take pictures there. theses look great!

  3. Woah these photos are awesome. Love the summery top/smoky eye combo.

  4. Linda- don't be silly YOU are beautiful! We should really plan a get together because we haven't officially met yet! :)

    Sandhya- I am in love with this park...and the water wall is so cool! If only I had a dog bc I would totally play catch with him there! LOL

    Laurel- Thanks girl!